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MLB 12 The Show player ratings


Spring Training is upon us, and with Spring games about to start, many baseball fans are wondering how their teams' rosters are shaping up — in the video game world as well.  MLB 12: The Show releases March 6, and I for one always look forward to seeing how they rate my favorite players.  Thankfully, I can finally look at the Marlins and see team that can contend.

The guys over at Operation Sports posted a video showing off the player ratings of every team.  It's using a handheld camera, so it's a little shaky, but the cameraman scrolls through every team and its 25 players.  Sorry, if you were wondering how a big prospect looks, you're going to have to wait.

A few quick notes:

  • Starlin Castro is the highest rated player on the Cubbies
  • The f**kin' Phillies look amazing
  • Daniel Murphy (who can't stay healthy) and Bobby Parnell (who might not make the major league team out of camp) are both rated above young stud first baseman Ike Davis (who was putting up All-star numbers before he got hurt last year)
  • Stephen Strasburg has some filthy ratings
  • Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson are all tied for the top rating for the Miami Marlins
  • Yu Darvish is not on the Rangers, yet. Not surprising considering he hasn't played a game yet
  • Albert Pujols is making 14.3 million this season, with Jered Weaver making .7 million more. Also, Pujols can't drag bunt for sh*t
  • Prince Fielder has a lot more power than Miguel Cabrera, but Cabrera is maxed on Clutch
  • Jeter is rated way too high

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