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Miyamoto on A Link to the Past sequel, F-Zero Wii U


In a recent interview with Edge, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto discussed his thoughts on both The Legend of Zelda and F-Zero. Regarding Zelda, he spoke about A Link to the Past, the classic SNES title that delivered one of the most compelling fantasy experiences of the 16-bit generation.

Miyamoto touched on a 3DS remake of A Link to the Past, but he said if it was up to him, he'd much rather have a brand new Zelda game based around the world of the iconic SNES cart. "I think the answer would be the same if we're talking about just porting, but I think I'd be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past," said the gaming industry icon. "I think it's important to bring some really new software."

Shiggy hasn't been at the forefront of a lot of Nintendo projects as of late, and he has since taken on a mentor role with newer developers. And while Miyamoto certainly believes that these designers are all great assets to Nintendo, he feels that some would be more suited to create a 3DS remake of A Link to the Past, while a select few would be a better pick for designing a follow-up to the game.

When asked about F-Zero, which we haven't seen much of over the last few years, Miyamoto said that the series was created during a time when Nintendo wanted to surprise its fans. These days, he doesn't know that it could really be used as a device for wowing gamers. That said, he didn't rule out the possibility of a Wii U version. "But maybe with future hardware, with Wii U coming up, maybe we could create something that does make sense, either as a smaller game, or a fully fledged title."

Some intriguing comments from Miyamoto. I think a lot of gamers would love a direct sequel to A Link to the Past. As far as F-Zero is concerned, while it may not surprise gamers like it did during the SNES era, I still think fans would react positively to a new entry in the futuristic racing franchise. Nintendo, make both of these things happen.

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