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Miyamoto already preparing for retirement, not trolling this time?

Hold your horses, Miyamoto is NOT retiring...yet. But who are we kidding, it's not like the man can work there forever. The guy is turning 60! You read right, 60 years old! I myself am shocked since he doesn't look a day over 40. That's right, that was a compliment Mr. Miyamoto.

Now this isn't the first time we're hearing of Mr. Nintendo himself apparently gearing to retirement, though it was apparently taken out of context. It does seem like even though he isn't quite ready to leave yet, he is taking steps to ensure Nintendo will be in capable hands.

Apparently Shigeru Miyamoto is indeed trying to amass a younger, newer generation of games developers at Nintendo to continue in the groundwork laid down by Miyamoto himself.

“In recent years I've been telling people within Nintendo [that] I'll have to retire at some point. We must be prepared. That's why I given more responsibility to younger colleagues.”

Again, Miyamoto is NOT yet ready to retire, he's just being smart and taking the necessary steps to ensure that Nintendo stays doing what they do best.

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