Misery's Bead Sidequest (Behemoth's Fang) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (#34)

Fragment Guide | Misery's Bead (#34)

Yachas Massif (10AF) - Find the Technician Sidequest
To obtain this quest you'll need to find Brenda right outside of the Yaschas Massif (10AF) ruins. She'll mention that she's looking for a behemoth's fang, though that the beasts are rather fragile. Time to search out a behemoth! Head to the spotlight area, but before encountering the beast, form a paradigm of all Commandos. Running around in the dark will cause a behemoth to spawn, and in the ensuing battle use only physical attacks. Afterwards, you'll recieve the Behemoth's Fang. Return the fang to Brenda to get Fragment of Time #34 - Misery's Bead
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