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Mirror's Edge 2 help page spotted on EA site, quickly removed


For the third time in a week, we have more speculation surrounding Mirror's Edge 2. The latest stems from an even more credible source like, oh, just the Electronic Arts help page. You really can't get more official than that. Well, not until EA comes out and actually announces the game.

Anyway, here's the story. A help page for Mirror's Edge 2 emerged on EA's website this morning, but was then quickly removed. That's about it.

This is, however, the third time we've seen something related to a sequel to DICE's 2008 first-person platformer. Prior to this, a Mirror's Edge 2 game listing popped up on Amazon's German and Italian portals for Xbox One, although the box art was clearly photoshopped mock ups.

EA has yet to make a formal announcement, but I'd expect something to be said at the company's E3 press conference on June 10th.


Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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