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Mirror’s Edge 2 gets new concept art just before E3


The official Mirror’s Edge Facebook page recently posted a new piece of artwork tagged with #E32014, undoubtedly as a teaser for EA’s press conference (which begins at 3pm EST).

Strangely, a numerical sign of it being the sequel is absent from the new art, simply titled “Mirror’s Edge”. However, the tag alone is reason enough to expect an appearance by Mirror’s Edge 2. The sequel was revealed just last year with a brief trailer, which concluded with what is arguably the most unsatisfying release date in history—“when it’s ready"—and is therefore due for a bit of limelight. 

Mirror’s Edge 2 is said to retain the parkour-infused, first-person perspective of the original, but developer DICE says the next game is less a sequel and more a reinvention. The biggest change we’ve learned of thus far is that the game will be open-world, but DICE has also stated that heroine Faith will do more than run from combat this time around, but the game will not become a shooter. 

We’ll be covering EA’s show along with all of today’s conferences (which you can see here), so check back later to learn what’s next for Mirror’s Edge.

[via Eurogamer]

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