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Minor Info on Persona 5 Surfaces


Atlus has been churning out the Persona goodness over the past several hours. After announcing a PlayStation Vita port of Persona 4 and a brand new Persona 4 fighting game for arcade, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, you'd think the publisher would stop there. But no, Atlus has even more awesome news for its fans.

Some of you may have known that a new website recently launched. It consisted of a simple yellow background and the site address of Gamers immediately assumed that it was related to the Persona series (given the letter "P"). Well, Atlus has now confirmed that the game is in development, and there is a tiny bit of news regarding the upcoming RPG.

Speaking to Famitsu, Atlus Producer Katsura Hashino revealed some minor details regarding the engine in Persona 5. It turns out the company will be using its very own game engine for the upcoming HD debut of the Persona franchise. Unlike Catherine, which used the external Gamebryo engine, Persona 5 will run on Atlus' internal engine.

Yeah, that's not the most notable news, but at least it's something. And hopefully this is just the start of some major reveals for the game. Regarding the development of Persona 5, Hashino stated that preliminary development for the game is nearing completion, and that the team will be moving on to the actual development process soon. That said, it's definitely going to take a good while for the game to be completed by Atlus.

Today has been heavy with Persona news, but that's certainly not a bad thing. It looks like this trifecta of Persona coverage ends here. To learn about Persona 4: The Golden for PlayStation Vita, check out our earlier post. And for info on the upcoming fighter, Persona 4: The Ultimate, scope out the previous news feature right here on GameZone.

Persona has taken over GameZone news, but we're totally OK with that!

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