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Minecraft Clone Is Fastest Selling Xbox Indie


ProjectorGames' seventh Xbox Indie Games release, FortressCraft, won't sell the way Minecraft has. It's not nearly as good as that million-selling experiment, but that hasn't stopped the game from topping the Xbox Indie Game charts and becoming the fastest-selling XBLIG release to date.

The game takes the blocky look of Minecraft, the same first-person view, and the infinitely random world and combines them with sharper graphics and Xbox Avatar support. It's also cheaper than Minecraft, running you 240 Microsoft points ($3).

ProjectorGames is not above gloating about their success, either. A post on their website compares the game to Minecraft: “Perhaps the most striking statistic may be that during the launch weekend it sold more copies per day than the average daily sales of indie giant Minecraft.”

Despite that bit of embellishment, the game is seeing some substantial success. More than anything, the conversion rate--that is, the percentage of people who purchase the full game after playing the trial--is over 70 percent. The game sold 16,000 copies on its first day.

Ultimately, I think the success comes from the desire to experience Minecraft from a console gamer perspective. I'll admit, I was pulled in by curiosity. However, I ended up playing a simple tech demo that didn't have half of the gameplay depth that Minecraft has. ProjectorGames still has a long way to go if they hope to compete with Minecraft, but this initial success could provide the momentum they need.

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