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Minecraft 1.9 Update Adding New Snowman Mob, Screenshot Revealed


Today, Notch revealed a screenshot of the newest mob to enter Minecraft via update 1.9. Ready for this?

Minecraft will be adding Snowmen to Minecraft. Notch released a screenshot of the new mob via twitter, along with this detail:

"It will be craftable, is friendly, and throws snowballs at enemies. Also melts in hot biomes."

Notch described the new Snowmen as, "ridiculously suicidal, throwing snowballs at creepers and spiders, annoying them to attack the snowmen. It's funny."

How did these funny mobs come to fruition? "Got frustrated with AWS, so I made a new mob!" Notch said via a Tweet.

You need to get frustrated more often Notch! This is hilarious! Check out the screenshot Notch put up below.

Minecraft 1.9's new Snowman Mob

"Remember, snowballs deal 0 damage." Just in case you were wondering.

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