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Minecraft 1.8 'Adventure Update' is Now Live, Bring on the Endermen


You might have noticed a few new changes to Minecraft today. The most noticeable is an experience bar, food bar, and those noticeable creepy black creatures known as "Endermen". This is because Minecraft 1.8, or the "Adventure Update" is now live, bringing some of the biggest changes to Minecraft so far.

The Adventure Update has been one of the most-anticipated gaming updates ever since the announcement of Endermen, but version 1.8 contains so much more than that. While still a "sandbox" game, 1.8 encourages and rewards both exploration and combat to a much greater degree than previous versions.

Here is a list of some of the more notable changes version 1.8 brings to Minecraft:

  • 1.8 contains a new biome generation code which makes for a more geographically-diverse randomly-generated world, creating and individual "look" and ecosystem to each area. As your explore in Minecraft, you'll encounter forests, swamps, deserts, dungeons, caves and abandoned mines - containing valuable treasures and dangerous enemies.
  • Underground dungeons known as "strongholds" have been added, offering the potential for significant rewards, but large danger for unprepared explorers.
  • Besides the Endermen, Minecraft also has Cave Spiders and Silverfish.
  • Monsters drop experience orbs when killed, which the player can then use to level up (currently serves no purpose).
  • Food is stackable in your inventory. Yay for stacking porkchops!
  • Players can now build gates for their fences and iron bars. Vines can also be harvested and applied to blocks.
  • Animals that get hurt will now run away.
  • Melons and pumpkins are now farmable.
  • This might be important with the new hunger mechanic. While players are well-fed, they'll slowly regenerate health. Eating food now takes time to do and no longer immediately restores health.
  • You can sprint by double-tapping the forward key.
  • Weapons can deal critical hits, and if players hit a monster while falling, they'll always deal critical damage.
  • NPC towns have arrived! You'll find randomly generated houses and villages across the landscape. While the structures are there, these villages are ghost cities. NPCs will later populate these town.
  • And finally, the Endermen. The new "Endermen" monster will ignore you until you look directly at it (by putting your crosshair over it). Then it will stop and stare at you until you look away, at which point it will teleport towards you and do naughty things to your corpse.
  • Those are mostly all playable changes. 1.8 also brings more technical changes with lighting and color balance and while some of the changes are more noticeable than others, the 1.8 update brings an abundance of new features that might make now the perfect time to check out Minecraft. With it's official launch set for November, almost 3.5 million people have already purchased the game.

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