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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 9 promises many big changes including The End


Title Update 9 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is going to pack a bunch of new features. Developer 4J Studios has posted a new photo that teases some of the many changes that are in store.

The most notable is the Ender Dragon spotted in the top left. Title Update 9 is expected to introduce The End, an alternate dimension that plays home to a vast number of Endermen and the lone Ender Dragon boss. It's said, though, that The End on Xbox 360 will be different then the one seen in the PC version. 

Getting to The End is no easy feat. On PC it requires you to craft the Eyes of Ender by collecting numerous items and combining them together. Then you must locate a Stronghold in the Overworld. Note that in the image teased by 4J, the mark on the map shows the position of the End Portal in the Stronghold when there is a player in The End.

So what else do we see? Vines are now climbable; spawn eggs and fire charge have been added; another big feature spotted is item frames. Similar to a display case, an item frame displays the item or block that is inside of it. There are certainly some exciting additions coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360. See if you can spot anything else in the images above.

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