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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition 'Skin Pack 2' adds 45 new skins


45 new skins will be added to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition when Skin Pac 2 releases.

Revealed today, some of the skins in the pack include Agent Level 5 (Crackdown 2), Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark), Damon Baird (GoW: judgment), Pretztail (Viva Pinata), and Bill (Left4Dead).

A release date hasn't yet been confirmed, but another reveal and preview of the skins will be coming "soon". A price hasn't been announced either, but assuming it's the same as Skin Pack 1, you can expect to pay 160 Microsoft Points.

Earlier this week, the 1.7.3 bug fix patch was released. You can see the patch notes here.

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