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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition cracks 4 million units sold


Mojang had already crafted a masterpiece; Minecraft was, and is, an absolute hit on the PC, with a fan-base that vigorously mine and crafts till their fingers fall off, but that wasn’t enough. Mojang teamed up with 4J Studios to bring their blockbuster to XBLA and they once again struck gold. Having cracked the million units sold mark early on after release, 4J studios confirmed today that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has now sold over 4 million titles:

"Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has passed 4 million sales! Incredible number, thanks to you all!”

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition may be on pace to become the all-time best-seller for XBLA titles. As the old saying goes, though: only time will tell.

Source: [Twitter]

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