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Minecraft Wins 2011 Golden Joystick Award for Best Downloadable Game


Mojang is just receiving all sorts of good news this week.  After receiving news that they won the interum injunction and could keep the name Scrolls for their next game, Mojang received word tonight that their other game, smash indie-hit Minecraft won the 2011 Golden Joystick award for Best Downloadable Game.

Runners up in the Downloadable category went to XBLA and PSN hit Limbo, and Sony's Dead Nation.

Minecraft is an sandbox adventure game, with a creative building mode, created by Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Persson who now heads the company Mojang, formed from the popularity of Minecraft. Though the game was released on PC in May 2009, the "full" game isn't technically due out until November.  It also has a planned release for Xbox Live.

Minecraft, which recently surpassed 15 million registered users, is technically still in "beta" and isn't scheduled for it's official release until mid-November.  Notch and the rest of the development team recently issued a "code freeze", spending the next month fixing bugs and optimizing the game for it's full release.  Up until this week, the Mojang team had been hard at work adding as many new features as possible before preparing for it's official release at MineCon in November.  They've added potion brewing, item enchantments, Endermen, and most recently the Enderdragons who live in the new "End" Dimension.  Now they will spend the next month tweaking those features before release.  Minecraft's launch coincides with the first ever Minecraft convention, MineCon.

Mojang hopes it's next big hit will be the digital card game "Scrolls", which caused quite a bit of controversy with Bethesda/ZeniMax.  ZeniMax took Mojang to court over trademark infringement, claiming the name Scrolls infringed on their upcoming RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  With that case now settled, Mojang can move on and continue as planned with their new game.


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