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Minecraft to Support Multiple Languages


Minecraft will soon start supporting multiple languages.  The latest update from Jens Bergensten, who was recently announced as the lead developer of Minecraft, has informed us that he has "been working on translating Minecraft to other languages other than English."

The new support could be a lot closer than we originally thought, as Jens recently posted an image of the multiple languages featured in the game.

Minecraft multiple language support

With Minecraft now popular worldwide, it's easy to see why multiple language support would be a primary objective for Jens and the rest of the development team.  Minecraft has now sold over 4.2 million copies of the game worldwide, with the number steadily growing.

Of course, when you are talking global popularity, you have to take into account the many dialects of a language, and the differences of languages in each region.  This is not an easy task as made apparent from fan requests.

"We probably need to have different regions then, such as Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Mexico) etc," said Jens in response to a fan requesting he make it universal Spanish.

As you can see, this is no easy feat, but the progress made is outstanding.

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