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Minecraft Surpasses 4 Million Copies Sold


At around 2 AM, Minecraft sold it's 4 millionth copy, according to the stats posted on the official site.  That's quite a number for any game, let alone an indie game. 

The number is even more impressive when you take into account Minecraft is still in "beta" for a little over a week.  Released back in 2009 by Markus "Notch" Persson, fans could purchase copies of the game in it's beta build and grow with it as Notch and the development team released patches over the past few years.

Now we've come to the culmination of all of Mojang's hard work as Minecraft is set for it's official release at MineCon on November 18th and 19th where fans will gather to celebrate the launch of the sandbox, adventure game.

I don't think when Notch first envisioned Minecraft he expected it to blow up the way it has over the years.  Now with over 16 million users and 4 million copies sold, it will be interesting to see where the game goes from here.  Minecraft is already being worked on for the Xbox 360, with a playable demo build available at MineCon.

Notch and the dev team has been hard at work during a code freeze this past month, attempting to optimize the game and work out any bugs currently present.  Before then, fans saw the addition of several new features including Enderdragons, The End dimension, potion brewing, armor enchanting, and much more.

Congratulations Mojang!

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