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Minecraft Snapshot 12w34a released


Mojang has released this weeks Minecraft PC update, Snapshot 12w34a.

"The recent two weeks Dinnerbone and I (jeb_) have worked a lot on new features, both our own and suggestions from the community," said Minecraft lead designer Jens Bergensten. "Before you ask, the API that will allow you to do your own features is waiting for a large restructuring of the render engine to be completed."

While details for that await us in a future blog post, Jens did share with us the changes that made it into this week's snapshot.

  • Added item frames
  • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
  • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
  • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
  • Mobs can travel through portals
  • Leather clothes can be dyed
  • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
  • Added two new crops and associated items
  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
  • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons
  • Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim)

You can download the update here:

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