Minecraft Snapshot 12w25a released

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Mojang is getting ready for the eventual release of Minecraft patch 1.3, but while the team is still focused on bug fixing they've released a snapshot that contains a few small additions and fixes.

Here's what snapshot 12w25a includes:

  • Added a menu with options for opening your single-player world
  • The multi-player menu now scans for LAN servers (single-player worlds)
  • Villagers will remove trade options after the option has been used 3-15 times
  • Added wooden stairs for the remaining three wood types
  • Corrected Ender Chest storage (no longer whiped on respawning)
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes

In the meantime, lead developer Jens Bergensten talked a little about what's holding back the 1.3 patch.

"The biggest problem right now is that since the game is hosting a server in the background, the game requires more hardware resources than before," he explained. "We're trying to figure out a way to solve that."

You can find the Minecraft shapshot for week 25 here:

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