Minecraft Snapshot 12w21a released

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Following last week's hiatus, Mojang has released the Minecraft Snapshot for week 21, officially dubbed 12w21a.

The big difference, as noted by Mojang, is that you don't need the server jar to play single player.  Here are the patch notes for Minecraft Snapshot 12w21a:

  • Villagers will trade items (they are cheap bastards, though!)
  • Added a “currency item”
  • A few minor terrain changes
  • A new useful block/item (requires obsidian) - This is the Enderchest (Chest that links with other Enderchests in the world. From what I understand all Enderchests have shared inventory)
  • Added a /seed command for showing the map seed
  • Added sandstone stairs
  • Buckets stack to 16
  • Golden apples
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes

If you notice anything not mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment below.

You can download the snapshot here:

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