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Minecraft Snapshot 11w49a Now Available


As many of you probably figured out by now, Minecraft will now have weekly "snapshots" released.  These "snapshots" are just another word used to replace pre-release as they are builds of the game that contain incomplete features or things the Minecraft dev team is testing.

Mojang has just released the Snapshot for week 49.  As usual, it's separate from the launcher, and completely optional for you to install.  These weekly snapshots are similar to what fans had with the pre-releases from 1.8.  They will build up to official releases once the dev team feels they are stable and add useful features.  The naming convention for these snapshots follow a year and week format, followed by a version letter if they do more than one.  If you want a sneak peek of what is coming to Minecraft feel free to download and install it.

Mojang posted this week's snapshot changes on their official blog.  The snapshot contains the following (since last week) :

  • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
  • Farmland is no longer destroyed by items and particles (haha, lol…)
  • Added multiple languages
  • Added a “spawn mob” egg item to creative mode
  • Corrected a setTileEntity multiplayer bug
  • Corrected a powered rail bug
  • Corrected a redstone update bug

The multiple language support seems to be the big feature in this snapshot.  Yesterday, new lead designer Jens Bergensten teased what the multi-language feature would look like, but I had no idea it would be implemented this soon.

Jens did warn that the language files are "still a work in progress, so translation errors and mistakes may still exist.  As stated earlier, the snapshots are in development versions of hte game."

You download the snapshot files from here:

To use these, you need to replace the JAR file in the application folder and then start the game from the launcher.

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