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Minecraft SMP 'Last Tool Use' Bug Finally Fixed


As you all know by now, a "code freeze" is now in effect for Minecraft.  For one month, Notch and the the development team will focus on bug fixes, performance optimizations, and tweaks for Minecraft in preparation for it's official release in November.

Notch stated all "new" features will be put on pause as the team focuses on fixing what Minecraft currently has.  This means they can finally focus their attention on fixing bugs that they just didn't have time for before. 

Today, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten tweeted, "Yes, 'I'll do it later' actually happened."  What he's referring to is an overdue fix on a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) bug that prevents players from getting a resource for the last tool use.

Jens confirmed, "Finally fixed the long due "not getting resource for last tool use" bug in SMP."

The overall Minecraft community seems pretty pleased with this fix.  It's nice to see a little update as to what the team is working on and what fixes players can expect when the full Minecraft game is released.  THIS is what the code freeze is all about.  Now the Minecraft team has no choice but to do the boring, tedius work and fix what's already in the game.  Judging from the rushed 1.9 pre-releases right before the feature freeze, there is plenty to work on.  For the past month, Notch and Mojang have been working feverishly on releasing as much new content as possible before the official Minecraft release during MineCon in November.

Be sure to check back as we continue to bring you updates on bug fixes from the Mojang team.  What are some fixes you'd like to see before the official release?


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