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Minecraft Pre-Release Coming Today, Release Candidate on Sunday


***Update*** Minecraft Pre-Release Update 1.9 version 6 is Now Available ***

Yesterday, Notch dropped a hint that fans could see a version of Minecraft 1.0 before it's official release at MineCon next week.

He announced yesterday, "We will do a "release candidate" soon, then release the next full version on the 18th."

It looks like "soon" will be today, as Notch just confirmed via Twitter, "Haha, fixed the bug!!! Looks like we'll do a prerelease today, and the release candidate on sunday."  I'm not 100% sure of where we are even at with the pre-release numbering, but I'm assuming the release today would be pre-release 1.10, or update 1.9 pre-release version 6.  I've lost track at this point.  All we need to know is that fans should expect two Minecraft updates this weekend, in anticipation for the official launch of the game.

Notch didn't clarify what the difference would be between the two releases or what would be contained in the pre-release, but he did ask fans to "help test the ender fight in multiplayer as much as possible."  A lot of the times, the titles are just used for the sake of software versioning.  It's safe to assume, given the code freeze, that many of the bugs will be fixed in the release candidate.  Developer Jens Bergensten has been keeping fans updated through the Minecraft wiki, where you can find an entire bug list and what has been fixed.

Be sure to check back for when they release the Minecraft pre-release. 

HAT Films has released an Oifficial MineCon Trailer with over 300 viewers, The Yogscast, and Ephixa all involved in it.  MineCon is set to take place November 18th and 19th in Las Vegas where we will see the official release of Minecraft.

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