Minecraft Pocket Edition update accounts for bugs, pigs

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Mojang, developer of Markus Persson's Minecraft and other games, released an update today for the Pocket Edition of the game. Daniel Kaplan, who shared the news on the company's website, called the change more of a "tweak update" than a "feature update."

The update introduces a new controller option: split touch controls. Tablet users, who play on a bigger screen, will be interested in this aspect: "You got a cross hair and the right half of the screen lets you rotate the camera. Touch to place block, hold down to remove blocks. Just like you did before."

Flying now works by sliding the center button to the up or down buttons.

Survival Mode has pigs! Additionally, the update fixed a few persistent bugs.

The next update is set to incorporate Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS). Minecraft - Pocket Edition is available for Android and iOS devices.

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