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Minecraft Pocket Edition breaks 21 million sales


Developer Mojang recently announced that the smallest version of Minecraft is also killing it, having already cracked the bar of 21 million copies.

Just last week we learned that the Xbox 360 version of the game is sitting pretty at 12 million units, despite the fact that the console version is several updates behind that of PC, which is also booming.  Minecraft’s PlayStation 3 counterpart is wallowing in success as well, with a Vita and PS4 version coming behind it.

That Minecraft has evolved so quickly from its cult-classic origins to a veritable cultural phenomenon and now a console dominator speaks volumes about the viability of multi-platform support, particularly for digital stores on consoles. Staggering sales figures like these can only incentivize independent developers in the generation to come who, as games like Futuridium and Secret Ponchos have already pointed out, are growing more and more able to move to multiple platforms.


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