Minecraft passwords safe after weekend security outage

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Though Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has experienced monumental success in its short time in existence, folks still come out in groves everyday to enjoy their beloved game where the magic all started: on the PC. You can imagine the frustration, then, when PC players attempted to log in this weekend and were presented with an error message notifying them that the servers were shut down.

Today, though, Mojang revealed the reason behind the outage, which quickly caused uproar among the community. According to the developer, hackers were able to login as anyone due to a “flaw in [the] Minecraft authorization system.” Thankfully, they added that the lowlifes that were behind this were unable to access any personal information, including passwords.

In a response to the server outage and attack, Mojang developer Leonard Axelsson tweeted that "The session servers are back up again and it's no longer possible to login as someone else." In addition, Mojang’s Lisa Winters reported that “things are back up and running perfectly!” and that users’ personal information was untouched.

We’re still not quite sure if the ability to login as another player also granted these hackers the ability to have a little “fun” in other players’ worlds via destruction, but the general response from fans seems hint that this wasn’t the case (thankfully). As long as my wood cabin and sky haven is safe, though, I’ll just stick to bad mouthing these scoundrels online; touch either one of them, though, and we’ll have a problem.  

Source: [Twitter]

Source: [Mojang Blog]

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