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Minecraft: Notch expects to work on new game in "near future"


Minecraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson revealed in a blog post on New Years Eve that he expects to start working on a new game in the "relatively near future."

In a post mostly dedicated to explaining teamwork and why he feels it's important to have a small, tight-knit group of "nerdy game developers" work on a game, rather than an entire large production team.

When talking about Minecraft and expanding the team, Notch wrote:

"On one hand, I could see how Minecraft has at this point grown to a level where it could use some extra hands to work on it. There’s a lot of infrastructure that needs to be done, and a lot of the tone for the game is already set. On the other, I worry that having too many developers on it could water it down. On the third, it could also mean less “quirks” (bugs).. on the fourth, some of these quirks are what give the game a personality."

The overall point was that he likes to work on games in "tiny, tiny teams".  To him, "It means less compromise when it comes to design.  It means more freedom when it comes to implementation."

With that point came his next announcement - that he, "in the relatively near future", expects to start work on a "new, bigger game."

And going off his feelings of working on projects in small teams, announced that he would be the only programmer on the new game "until the game mechanics are fleshed out and the tone is set."

It sounds to me like he wants just wants full control of the game design, which is understandable.  Notch has an enormous amount of pressure on him to follow up a game as large as Minecraft, and he even admitted to feeling the pressure but said he would "try not to let that hold me back".

He didn't specifically say when he would begin work on the new game, but it looks like it'll be after he explores his Ludum Dare 22 game.  He did say that he was currently working on a "bigger version" of Minicraft - or Minicraft 2, which was actually renamed MiniTale.

"I will keep focusing on making games I want to play," Notch concluded.  And with that, 2012 has a new game to look forward to.

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