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Minecraft Mod Support Folded Into a New Project


With MineCon and the official launch of Minecraft just days away, many are anxious as to what to expect when the full game releases.

Notch has already confirmed that they will keep adding to the game and confirmed today that they have "many exciting plans for the next year."

"Some of these will be announced fairly soon," continued the Minecraft creator.

One of these possible announcements might include mod support for Minecraft.  In Notch's latest blog post he addressed the issue and took full blame for it being forgotten about.

"One thing that kind of fell between chairs is the mod support.. Sorry about that, I take full responsibility for letting that get forgotten about. But when it comes to the new launcher, it got folded into a new exciting project I won’t talk about yet."

There are already tons of Minecraft mods out there since the release of Minecraft beta, so it will be interesting to see what sort of things Notch has planned for modders of the game.


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