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Minecraft 'Hardcore' Mode is Real, Looks to Launch in Official 1.9 Update


Last week, Minecraft creator Notch teased an image of "Hardcore Mode", with tet that read below, "World is deleted upon death."

Minecraft Hardcore Mode On

In what could be the riskiest mode to ever hit Minecraft, when you die in Hardcore Mode, your world is deleted.  That means all of your hard work and time spent in constructing those magnificent architectures will be lost.  What kind of a sick joke is this?

In that image, Notch showed off the option toggle, suggesting that the mode is in testing now and will be added in a future update.   Still, rumors continued that this was just some prank Notch was playing on all of us.  He is the kind of guy that would do that.

But today, the joke became a reality.  Notch revealed another image showing just how real Hardcore Mode is, along with a Tweet that read, "Proof".

Minecraft Hardcore Mode game over

In terrifying text that yells at you, "You cannot respawn in hardcore more!", Hardcore Mode only gives you the option to Delete world upon death.

If you also notice on the top left it says Minecraft Beta 1.9 Beta 2, which could mean Hardcore Mode will be available in the next update to Minecraft.  If you remember, last week Mojang released a 1.9 Update Pre-Release which introduced Snow Golems, brought bug fixes, and changed the Endermen. 

Expect Hardcore Mode to be implemented in the full release of Minecraft Update 1.9.  It is still undetermined when that will be.

Will you be playing in Hardcore Mode?

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