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Minecraft getting new mob AI system, no Weekly Snapshot this week


Minecraft lead-developer Jens Bergensten is back at work and has updated fans on his current project: a new mob AI system!

Both him and new developer @jonkagstrom are working on the new mob AI for Minecraft.  According to Jens latest post, they already have a plan on how to structure the new mob AI system.

When asked to elaborate if the AI will be in terms of pathfinding or village NPCs functioning, Jens responded:

"We have to start out with the basic AI stuff to make more complex behavior later."

My guess is the changes will be subtle, but will serve as the foundation for bigger and better changes for the NPCs and mobs in Minecraft.

As for a weekly update, Jens confirmed that it doesn't look likely that one will be released today.  The previous updates have usually been released on Thursdays, but have likely been delayed because of the holidays.

Oh, and for those who don't know jonkagstrom, he is new to Mojang and will be working on MInecraft and Scrolls as a programmer.

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