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Minecraft for Xbox 360 Playable at MineCon


Mojang announced today that MineCon attendees will have the opportunity to play Minecraft for the first time on Xbox 360.  Though the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is still in heavy development, Mojang is comfortable enough with the progress to gives fans a hands-on demo.

"Daniel is working tightly with the 4J team to coordinate Notch’s design decisions. We want to keep the core experience of the original PC version intact, while ensuring the game fits its new platform," Mojang announced on their site.

Microsoft will be joining Mojang at MineCon as the main sponsor for the convention dedicated to all things Minecraft.  Microsoft will participate in the preview of the Xbox 360 versin of Minecraft in addition to showing off some other cool stuff in the exhibition area of the event.

Mojang's Minecraft recently won the 2011 Golden Joystick award for Best Download Game this past weekend.  Though the game was released on PC in May 2009, the "full" game is officially being released at MineCon in November.  Mojang just released Minecraft - Pocket Edition for Android phones and, in addition to Minecraft for Xbox 360, also has plans to release Minecraft for iOS devices.

Though still months away from official release for Xbox 360, it's a good sign that Minecraft will be playable at MineCon, along with another upcoming Mojang game, Scrolls.

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