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Minecraft for Xbox 360 Can Be Played With Kinect, More Details Revealed


Stuart Platt claims he's a video game producer at Microsoft for Xbox LIVE Arcade, but yesterday he looked more like a member of the Microsoft PR team.  With the announcement of Minecraft for Xbox 360 coming in Spring 2012, fans bombarded Stuart's Twitter page with hundreds of questions, partially thanks to Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson redirecting fans to go to Platt with questions.

Platt explained to fans that he was "doing his best" with questions and "will try to do a FAQ soon", but warned "there isn't a ton of info to be shared - yet."

Platt did share that Minecon would be the best place to start and follow for details regarding the Xbox Live version of Minecraft.  While Platt emphasized that there isn't much he can share, he did give fans a bit of useful information.  After sorting through an abundance of tweets, I've managed to picked out some of the more important details.

First off, Minecraft will be a downloadable title available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360.  As long as you are a gold or silver member of LIVE you will be able to purchase and download MInecraft. 

No pricing info is available at this time, but it's safe to say it will be similar to the cost of the PC version of Minecraft, depending if it has all of the same features.  Unfortunately, even if you have a account you still have to purchase the Xbox 360 version.  And as of right now, it will only be released for Xbox 360.  No other platforms have been announced.

We do know that the launch window is somewhere in Spring 2012, but Platt confirmed a release date will be announced "sometime in the future, closer to the launch of the game."  Fans unsure of how Minecraft will play on the 360 will get a demo trial before purchasing.

And just in case you missed it, Minecraft will not be free whether you have previously purhcased Minecraft PC or not.  According ot Platt this was the most asked question, so I figured some of you would be dying to know.

As far as gameplay, Microsoft and Mojang plan on having a playable demo of the Xbox 360 version at MineCon.  Platt did share that he has "been playing a recent build of MInecraft on Xbox and is sure that fans will be pleased once shown publicly."

Right now, we all want to know features, and though a lot of information can't be discussed we did get some hints about gameplay and functionality of Minecraft on the Xbox 360.  The biggest news about functionality was that Minecraft 360 will support both the standard controller as well as Kinect!

As far as gameplay, when asked if Minecraft will have a multiplayer game mode, Platt hinted that it's definitely a possibility.  "More feature announcements are forthcoming.  Multiplayer would be kinda cool, huh?  Seems like folks want it."

Well Mojang, give the people what they want!  Right now they want details, so hopefully that FAQ will come before MineCon.

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