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Minecraft Devs Participate in 'Making of Scrolls' Documentary


Earlier this week, Mojang celebrated the victory over Bethesda/ZeniMax in a court case over the trademark "Scrolls".  As we all know by now, ZeniMax fought that Mojang's new digital card-based game, titled "Scrolls" was a trademark infringement on Bethesda's upcoming game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Now that's over, Mojang can breathe a little easier and continue moving forward with their Scrolls game. 

That includes the Mojang team deciding to release "A Making of Scrolls" documentary, made in collaboration with 2 Player Productions.  The documentary introduces the card game and discusses possible comparisons to Mojang's smash-hit adventure game, Minecraft.  Minecraft is Mojang's first "big" game and will officially launch in November in unison with the MineCon convention.  A lot of this documentary was apparently recorded while the Making of Minecraft was also going on.  This documentary won't only cover the making of the game Scrolls, but will also cover what went on behind the scenes during the recent legal troubles with the trademark case.  Hopefully, we can hear the real thoughts about the case from the Mojang team.

2 Player Productions has not revealed the length of the documentary, but has promised that the Making of Scrolls will be both "informative and interesting".  This will be a great documentary to watch if you want to get to knowt he popular indie developers at Mojang.

In the meantime, Mojang is gearing up for the official launch of their "other" game, Minecraft, which is scheduled for it's full release in less than a month.  The Minecraft development team has issued a "code freeze" where they addressing bugs, making tweaks and optimizations, and getting ready to host MineCon, the convention dedicated to all things Minecraft.  At MineCon, fans eager to demo Scrolls will have some hands-on time with the "rough" demo.

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