Minecraft dev Mojang cans FPS project

Minecraft Screenshot - Notch

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has revealed details about a canceled project known as "Rex Kwon Do" that Mojang was working on with an outside company.

Mojang decided to end the project in prototype so it could devote resources to privately owned projects.

"Remember Project Rex Kwon Do?" Persson tweeted. "We canceled it to focus on Minecraft, Scrolls, and eventually 0x10c that we own 100% ourselves instead."

Speaking to Joystiq, Persson said the project was a first-person shooter.

"The success of Minecraft meant we could focus on projects fully owned by us," he said.

Future joint projects aren't off limits for the company, though, as long as they're "not to make money. If there are other reasons to collaborate, maybe!"

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