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Minecraft Creator Thinks "Battlefield 3 is Looking Amazing", Sarcasm?


Chalk one up for the Battlefield 3 marketing team.  They've done a heck of a job with the trailers, screenshots, and other promotional materials for DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3.  In fact, DICE has done such a good job with their advertising that THQ modeled their most recent trailer after them.  But there seems to be one guy that isn't buying into all the hype.

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson is a hard guy to read.  You never really know what you're going to get with the guy, and when you do get something you're not sure how to take it.  As is the case with his latest blog post about Battlefield 3.  "Battlefield 3 is looking amazing."

Notch just slayed the dragon (Bethesda/ZeniMax).  It now appears as he's challenging another big gaming company, EA.

At first glance you'd think the creative mind behind indie-hit Minecraft was handing DICE a compliment.  But after reading a little more in depth, and this could just be me over-analyzing, you have to start questioning his sincerity.  It appears more like a left-handed compliment upon further investigation.

"Everything I've seen looks amazingly fun.  Like ridiculously so," Notch over-exaggerates in his post. This could be legit, but Notch goes on to call out the buggyness that many experienced during Battlefield 3's open beta (which DICE and EA claimed was a result of using "month old software").  "Even the bugged out crawling animations look hilarious."  It's interesting that Notch would call a game out for being bugged, when Minecraft is so filled with them.  He, of all people, should know how difficult it is to have a game be bug free.  Then again, I doubt he has the budget that EA and DICE have for what many consider to be a 2011 Holiday blockbuster. 

He then goes on to say he's "a bit skeptical of Origin," but would "GLADLY start using it just to be able to play Battlefield 3."  Umm....I don't think so Notch.  Something here tells me you won't GLADLY start using it.  I wonder if it's the sarcastic tone in the way you type the word "gladly"...?

Notch closes with, "Heck, I'd gladly gnaw my own feet off to be able to play Battlefield 3." Does anyone else get the feeling like that last statement is dripping with sarcasm?

This definitely is hilarious, but do you really  think Notch would gnaw his own foot off to play this?

I guess Notch is Team Modern Warfare 3.

Now that I think about it, this could just be me projected my thoughts on Battlefield 3 onto Notch.  Do you think Notch is sincere when he says "Battlefield 3 is looking amazing" or am I over-analyzing?

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