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Minecraft 1.2 preview released, official update coming tomorrow


As promised by lead developer Jens Bergensten last week, Mojang has plans to release the Minecraft 1.2 update this week.

Although the Minecraft 1.2 update will be "officially" released tomorrow, today they released a preview build giving Minecraft fans the opportunity to check out the new features and changes.

It's as simple as downloading it below and installing it like a weekly snapshot.

A full 1.2 change log will be posted tomorrow, but Jens said it's "basically all snapshots since Minecraft 1.1 packed into one."

Minecraft 1.1 was released back on January 12, 2012 so, as you can imagine, there have been a ton of new features implemented since.

A few of the Minecraft 1.2 changes should include (The full weekly snapshots can be seen next to them):

  • added a new jungle biome with new tree and leaf types (snapshot 12w03a)
  • new jungle-specific Ocelot mob, new skeleton AI, experience item to creative mode, flame item (snapshot 12w04a)
  • updated language files, villagers try to live in village houses (snapshot 12w05a)
  • villagers socialize with each other, move indoors during night and rain, zombies break down wooden doors, rare mob item drops (snapshot 12w06a)
  • increased world height, new animal AI system, villagers repopulate villages (snapshots 12w07a/12w07b)
  • defense mob to villages, up-side-down stairs (snapshot 12w08a)

The Minecraft Snapshot 12w08a was released 6 days ago.  Whatever changes they have made since then are probably bug fixes in preparation for tomorrow's Minecraft 1.2 update release.

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