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Minecraft 1.1 Snapshot 12w05a now available


Following last week's snapshot which added the first jungle mob, Minecraft 1.1 Snapshot 12w05a adds new Ocelot behavior, cat commands, villager actions, and an updated language files that will hopefully avoid mistakes like the recent race slur that appeared on the login menu.

Here's the development snapshot of week 5, 2012, with the list of changes from the official Mojang blog:

  • Many mob-related bug fixes (and some new behaviors)
  • Ocelots are easier to tame, and cats can be told to sit
  • Many small bug fixes and tweaks
  • Villagers will try to detect village houses and live in them
  • Updated language files (now with 50% less profanities!)

You can get the latest 12w05a snapshot here:

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