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MindFuse Taps the Simutronics HeroEngine to Create the World of Gatheryn

December 3, 2008

MindFuse Taps the Simutronics HeroEngine to Create the World of Gatheryn

Advanced-Casual World to be the First Playable MMOG Built by the Revolutionary Development Technology

Simutronics Corp. and MindFuse Games today announced a new global licensing agreement for MindFuse’s upcoming MMOG, Gatheryn ™, which will be developed using the Simutronics HeroEngine. The collaborative, time-saving features of the HeroEngine allow MindFuse to develop the unique feature set of the advanced-casual MMOG, and the studio plans on launching the game as soon as the first half of 2009.

"By licensing the HeroEngine, we can focus our technology development and engineering team on the various unique social, personalization and online community features that the Gatheryn player will experience," said Joseph Walters, Lead Designer and Chief Executive Officer of MindFuse Games. "The engine enables our team to spend time creating the experience instead of recreating the already-proven type of server side MMOG technology that Simutronics has built so effectively."

Gatheryn will be the first game on the market created with this technology.

Said Simutronics Chief Executive Office and HeroEngine Chief Designer David Whatley, "We are thrilled to be working with MindFuse. By licensing our HeroEngine platform they are able to share the technology cost with other developers all over the world, getting a better platform at lower cost."

"Server side development is providing significant advantages pre-launch and we expect this to continue once Gatheryn is open to gamers," said Ira Rothken co-founder of MindFuse. "We will be able to constantly add to and enhance the player experience in an efficient and rapid cycle. New games, environments and experiences will be added continuously rather than forcing players to wait months and even years between expansions."

Added Neil Harris, Executive Vice President of Simutronics, "Our flexible licensing options made it possible for an independent developer like MindFuse to use top-of-the-line technology. HeroEngine is within the reach of most professional development teams."

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Gatheryn is a trademark and service mark of MindFuse Incorporated

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