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Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade artist did AMA, has faith in J.J. Abrams' ability to direct Star Wars


The cool part about a Reddit AMA is that you can ask your favorite famous people any question, and they'll (hopefully) respond to you, giving you a little more insight into their lives. Sometimes you miss an AMA though, but hey, that's still cool, cause now you can go and read all the crazy questions that were asked during the AMA.

Today's AMA was with Mike Krahulik, who you might know as one of the artists at Penny Arcade, and co-creator of the Penny Arcade Expo.

I created the Penny Arcade comic strip with my friend Jerry Holkins back in 1998. I’ve been making comics about video games and geek culture for almost 15 years now. In 2003 we created Child’s Play, a charity designed to get toys and games to kids in Children’s Hospitals all over the world. In 2004 we created the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) a convention for games and gamers of all kinds. Currently we’re getting ready to launch Strip Search our reality show to find the next great Webcartoonist. Ask me anything about webcomics, video games, Penny Arcade, PAX, Child’s Play, PATV, or drawing comics.

So what was asked during the AMA? Check these out for yourself and then head on over to the AMA thread and read them all!

Notclevr 352 points


What is the plan for Penny Arcade if something happens to you? To Jerry? Do you envision it continuing when you've retired or passed on?

[–]cwGabrielGabe[S] 1126 points


If I die the strip becomes a memorial for me. If Jerry dies we get a team of writers to fill in.

[–]GorillaSex 92 points


How are you feeling about the whole jj abrams star wars stuff?

[–]cwGabrielGabe[S] 262 points


I am optimistic. I actually really liked the Star Trek re-boot.

[–]deletes_all_posts 216 points


Do you have a favorite strip you've ever written for PA?

How about a favorite member of the supporting cast?

[–]cwGabrielGabe[S] 504 points


my favorite strip is the Megaman Effect. The one where G&T play games and turn into little kids. I think it's just a perfect comic.

I think The Fruit Fucker is my fav side character.

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