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Miiverse posts must be approved by Nintedo


The Nintendo Miiverse is a social network for the Wii U that Nintendo announced on Sunday June 3rd. When dealing with a social network one would assume that users could put up any text or image that they wanted. Nintendo disagrees, and is making an effort to keep the Miiverse social network clean of any profanity.

In an interview with LA Times during E3 Nintendo's chief executive, Satoru Iwata, said that Nintendo is a employing a three part approach to dealing with any potential misbehavior.

The first step is screening content for profane words with a software made specifically to detect certain 'no-no' words. Of course this doesn't stop the more creative individuals that would leave out a letter or swap one letter out for another. Because of this Iwata said that Nintendo planned a second step.

The second step consists of hiring "human resources" to scour through any and all text or images that are being processed. This step adds a delay to how fast user content will make it to the Miiverse social network. On the subject of how long each user post may take to be filtered Iwata responded, "personally, I think 30 minutes should be acceptable."

The final and third step of content filtering would be from the Miiverse community itself. All content can be flagged by another user as inappropriate. Nintendo hopes that inappropriate content never makes it way to this step because in order for it to be flagged by someone it has to be seen and who knows how many saw it before it was flagged.

The Miiverse social network looks like its shaping up to be a kid friendly community that can be enjoyed by any and all.

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