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Mighty No. 9 finally receives its official release date, launches in June

Hopefully this one sticks

After a ton of delays and setbacks, Mighty No. 9 has finally received its official release date. The highly anticipated title will release on June 21 for North America & Asia and on June 24  World Wide.
The game has been delayed more times than you can think which has upset fans and backers of the game. However, Inafune took to the blog post to sincerely apologize to his fans for all the delays the game has been faced with, here's what he had to say:
Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting. We are finally able to deliver some long-awaited news regarding Mighty No. 9. 
We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.
Inafune also states that this is the final release date, it has been written in stone and there will be NO more delays. He also mentions that the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions are still on their way, this release date is just for the home consoles.
Might No. 9 finally releases on June 21 for US and Asia & on June 24 worldwide.
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