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Mighty No. 9 delayed yet again

Third time's a charm?

I swear I've written this before. I have the strangest feeling of deja vu. Nope, just another delay for Mighty No. 9. Once again, the developer has issued a delay, this time because of various network and porting issues that are impacting all platforms. 

The announcement was made on the game's Kickstarter page, with Inafune stating: 

“We have been working up until the very last moment to resolve these issues in order to make the February release, but it has become clear that we no longer have enough time to fix the issues and have everything prepared for release. The reason for the delay is rooted in bugs inside the network modes, and specifically problems with matchmaking. There are two large reasons for this problem, one of them being the large number of platforms supported (the solution for each platform is slightly different) and the other stems from the fact that the engine we are using is no longer being updated which means adjustments for matchmaking and online code are being made manually (actually reprogramming parts of the engine by the dev team themselves). Unfortunately, this is all a result of miscalculations on the part of us, the development staff.”

Keiji went on to apologize, of course. As a result, the game will now have a release target of Spring 2016.

Backers are reasonably upset. It was last delayed out of September to February 9th, only a week or so before its release then as well. At the time, backers were accusing the developer of being nonchalant over its delays and unappreciative of them. At the time, he stated the game wouldn't be delayed again. The initial delay was back when its Kickstarter hit a new low of funding after the developer reportedly ran through his funds. With no influx of cash coming in, he was forced to delay the game. 

As of now, I'm not sure if there is anything that can save this game at this point. "The father of Mega Man" is anything but mega at this point. One question that has been asked repeatedly and never answered is "Where is publisher Deep Silver in all of this?" How do they not know what's going as these issues obviously didn't just spontaneously pop up. It's not looking good for backers right now but as noted, Spring 2016 is the new target. 

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