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MIDIConnect allows you to record that sweet keyboard sound straight to your iOS device


Griffin Technology is bringing keyboard creating MIDI technology straight to your fingertips.  For $80, with their new product the MIDIConnect, you are able to plug your keyboard straight into your iOS device.  Now through your keyboard you can record your phat beats straight to your iPad or iPhone.  Through apps such as GarageBand, you can record your music, save, and even upload to your iTunes library.  The possibilities are near endless.

If you are ONLY thinking in the realm of the recording opportunities with a keyboard, it’s time you broaden your horizons a bit fellow.  Like… how about the possibilities of the keytar?  Hmm?  Plug your MIDIConnect into your keytar (I know you have one), and now you can record on the go!  Save that keyboard stuff for home.  Don’t believe me?  Well then watch this ridiculous video below.  That's dedication holmes.       


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