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Microsoft's First Post-Bungie Game to be a Halo Remake?


1UP is reporting that CVG is reporting that Games Master is reporting that 343 Industries' (Microsoft's internal Bungie replacement) next title could be a Halo: Combat Evolved remake.

Games Master states "industry chatter" as their source, though it doesn't take an overpaid, overrated egotistical analyst to tell you that the move makes sense. In fact, it makes sense (from a business standpoint) for both Halo 1 and 2 to be remade so that Microsoft can release various editions and collections throughout the remainder of the Xbox 360's lifespan while it ramps up for Halo 4.

Honestly, it's not that bad of an idea. Some will say it's a greedy move, but Halo: Combat Evolved still has one of the best campaigns in the series, and playing it all over again with Reach-level visuals, achievements, and online co-op would warm this former Halo fan's heart.

[Source: 1up]

William Haley
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