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Microsoft Won't Publish Games Previously Released on PSN


Why so childish, Microsoft? In an interview with Eurogamer, the Xbox 360 manufacturer stated that it may turn down Xbox Live Arcade titles that have already previously been released for Sony's PlayStation Network. Yeah, I know.

"We're a little biased, so obviously we're going to look to protect our own space as best we can and get exclusivity," said European Xbox head Chris Lewis. "Whilst I can't be specific about the terms and conditions, you can be very confident we seek to maximize our own advantage to ensure the playing field is even, and certainly plays to our advantage whenever possible. As you can also imagine, our partners have to be mindful of the relationship they have with all platform holders, and they need to be equitable."

I can definitely see where Microsoft is coming from, and ... Wait, no I can't. The whole thing is absolutely childish. As gamers, we're used to agreeing and disagreeing with a lot of things, but sometimes there are things that are completely impossible to side with. Microsoft, this is a kiddy move, and I think it's really stupid and sophomoric.

I like the Xbox 360, but I don't actually own one myself. That said, there was a time when I actually considered buying Microsoft's system just so I could play the then-exclusive Limbo. Thankfully, the game was eventually released on the PlayStation Network. I'm sure there are plenty of Xbox 360 owners who would like to play some cool PlayStation Network games, and are hoping to someday get that opportunity on Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately for those folks, Microsoft's stubbornness may not allow them to.

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