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Microsoft Vague about the Future of Game Room


Game Room started with a ton of enthusiasm behind it. The service, meant to bring classic arcade games to Xbox 360 and PC with achievements, leaderboards, and more, was a huge topic of discussion for a while. But almost right on cue with its release, the game began a slow and steady descent into obscurity. Microsoft quieted, releases became sporadic, and developer Krome Studios was essentially shut down.

The last Game Room release was back in December, and since then Microsoft still hasn't addressed the future of the service. They've even gone a step further, adding Game Room to their new Windows Phone 7 platform but still keeping hushed about upcoming game packs.

Finally, a post on their Facebook page has shed a some light on the situation: "RE: Game Room plan. We are wholly focused on the mobile extension right now. We are also sorting through the bigger plan for Game Room, but expect us to be dark on that topic for a while because we have a lot to work through. I wish there was more to say at this time, but this is the situation as it stands for now. I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate your support. Thank you."

That's not exactly the most encouraging way to conduct a service like this, but at least it's news (sort of). We assume that Microsoft has plans for the service, considering they're putting it on their phones, but the company has made worse business decisions in previous years.


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