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Microsoft Registers Domains for Upcoming Projects


Microsoft has a handful of new Kinect games planned ... and a new Fable. As announced via Twitter by Superannuation, five new games are set to be revealed in the near future, possibly at E3. The news became evident when the following domain names were registered by the Xbox 360 manufacturer:

No idea on whether or not Fable: The Journey will be Kinect-compatible, but it'll be interesting if it is. Given that series' strange reputation and creator Peter Molyneux's wild claims with every iteration, I won't set myself up for failure by keeping my hopes high. Let's face it: Fable might not necessarily be bad, but it's never as awesome as Molyneux makes it seem.

As for the rest of the games, I have absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. This is exactly the kind of motion gaming stuff that has Xbox 360 fans criticizing the Wii, and I don't see how Kinect Sports Season 2 is intended for the core gamer. Sure, they may be fun games for a while, but until I start seeing some core games on the platform, I'll stick to stellar motion titles on the Wii, such as--oh, I don't know--No More Heroes 2 and Super Mario Galaxy, which don't overdo it with the waggle and provide some intuitive movement implementation instead.

We may learn more about these titles from Microsoft at E3 this week. Stay tuned for more details.

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