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Microsoft Prototyping Kinect Face Scanning Tech


Microsoft is currently developing a prototype technology that programs the Kinect to scan your face and body, introducing a real-time, realistic representation of players' looks and movements on-screen. The tech was shown to reporters at Microsoft Labs, where it is currently no more than face scanning technology.

The tech could lead to full body avatars in games. Players could conceivably stand in front of their Kinect and have their motions mapped to an on-screen avatar. The look of in-game avatars would be similar to the amazing face animation tech used in the upcoming L.A. Noire.

With the success of Kinect (over 10 million units sold), researchers at Microsoft seem to be working double time to find new ways to interact with the device. The face scanning tech is but one of the many ideas they're working on, including concepts like room scanning, which would allow Kinect owners to play around with polygonal representations of their living rooms. Perhaps a interior decorating sim is in the cards?

Whatever comes out of the project, the enthusiasm from Microsoft internal, game developers, and the homebrew community alike is palpable. Kinect is a part of the future, and there's a good chance it's here to stay.


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