Microsoft Point Exploit Results in $1.2 Million in Lost Points

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When you're playing with pretend money, someone is going to cheat the system eventually. That's exactly what happened a few days ago, as hackers discovered an exploit in a few different Microsoft cards that allowed them to generate working codes. The affected codes included 160 MSP codes, 48-hour Xbox Live trials, and Halo Reach Banshee Avatar Props.

In the brief time between the exploit cropping up and Microsoft putting a stop to it, those using it managed to cash in $1.2 million in points. Microsoft hasn't said what, if anything, they'll be doing about the situation other than stopping the exploit itself. It's possible they'll revoke the points or ban users outright.

This doesn't seem like a big deal for Microsoft. Sure, those points do turn into purchases and bandwidth fees, but no real money has changed hands. It's a bit like stealing from the bank in a game of Monopoly.


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