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Microsoft Including Free Copies of Games With New 360 Models or Manufacturing Mistake?


A new Xbox 360 S owner was surprised today to find that after setting up his shiny new Xbox 360, he was greeted with the option to play Perfect Dark Zero. Puzzled by the option, he opened the disc tray to find a Microsoft Confidential disc inside his disc tray marked from 2005.

What you see above are known as a retail check discs which basically are one of the first discs off of the manufacturing line that typically goes to QA for double check before finished product is put on the line. The disc is final retail, and won’t ever have any pretty disc art or packaging, but will work in normal retail 360s.

How one of these discs, from 2005, ended up in a brand new Xbox 360 slim console is the question. Sure, the possibility of Microsoft’s manufacturing facilities testing each and every 360 before shipment is a likely factor. That would sure be better to hear than the possibility of Microsoft using 360s then repacking them as new for sale.

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