Microsoft Xbox One graphic: 'If you love games, this one's for you'

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox One

Yesterday, Microsoft released a short cinematic that advertised Xbox One as the hub for the best games. Later on in the day, Larry Hyrb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson, released a graphic from Micrsoft that boldly exclaims, “If you love games, this one’s for you.”

The graphic differs significantly from the video that was released earlier in the day. Whereas the video used mostly third-party games to promote the next-generation Xbox, the graphic focuses in on first-party titles and exclusive content from third-party games, along with a slew of awards earned at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. 

Below you can view the graphic published today on Major Nelson’s Twitter account:

Xbox One games

Source: [Major Nelson – Twitter - whosay]

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